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Alithya opens office in Calgary

Alithya has chosen Calgary’s Bankers Hall as the location for its new Alberta office. While the oil industry dominates the city’s economy, the high-tech industry is a major component of its rapid growth. Calgary is the fastest growing city in Canada’s most prosperous province. Alithya is proud to announce the opening of this new location, which will serve its new clientele in this beautiful region of the country.

This announcement is part of a major expansion plan that will be deployed in Canada, the United States, and Europe in the coming years and reflects Alithya management’s drive to achieve its ambitions. Calgary and the people of Alithya—committed to your future.

About Alithya

Alithya is a high-growth, employee-owned private company offering leading IT and management consulting services in North America and Europe. Created from the merger of CIA and Sinapse, Alithya is well-positioned to support all of its clients at the strategic level and assist them with the implementation of their projects.

The Alithya team is 500 people strong. The company has Canadian offices in Québec City, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary, a U.S. office in Boston, and three locations in France: Paris, Aix-en-Provence, and Sophia-Antipolis.  Alithya Consulting is the largest IT and management consulting firm with headquarters in Québec City.