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Alithya's Machine Learning Suitability Assessment helps companies leverage their data


Generating value from data now accessible for more companies

TORONTO, May 9, 2018 /CNW/ - Companies produce a prodigious amount of data every day. The Alithya Group, a leading strategy and digital technology consulting firm, wants to see more companies generating value from their data by leveraging artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning.

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Alithya's Machine Learning Suitability Assessment determines if and how companies can benefit from Machine Learning and recommends the strategies to achieve the greatest business value. "The world of artificial intelligence is still new, and many business leaders mistakenly think that such technologies are not yet accessible" said Paul Raymond, Alithya's President and Chief Executive Officer. "We have therefore developed a very simple approach that allows companies to easily determine their readiness and assess the potential for their organizations to create value from their data. In parallel, our experts identify the solutions that could have the greatest impact in helping management make decisions that generate the most value."

The Strategic Value of Data Is Often Underestimated

Up until now, there was no easy way for companies to analyse and leverage the prodigious amount of data they manage. As the 15th annual TMX Equities Trading Conference will take place today, Nigel Fonseca, Senior Vice President, Ontario and Western Canada at Alithya, explained the vision behind the solution: "This assessment grew out of our experiences with customers. Initially we provided users with easier access to their data to support more effective ad-hoc reporting.  Subsequently, we went a step further and used machine learning to automate some operations requesting human judgement. This enabled subject matter experts to devote more time towards added value activities."

Starting with a meeting with business leaders and the analysis of a sample of company data, Alithya's Machine Learning Suitability Assessment helps companies determine if a machine learning solution is suitable for their objectives. It identifies solutions that will have the highest impact on the business and provides organizations with the strategic guidance needed to move forward on the journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.

"I believe that our role as a digital technology leader is not only to support the technology teams, but also to provide strategic guidance to senior management and boards of directors to ensure that they have a better understanding of the potential and value of these technologies," Mr. Raymond added.

About the Alithya Group Inc.

Alithya Group Inc. is one of the most prominent private strategy and digital technology consulting firms in Canada. Founded in 1992, the firm advises, guides and assists its clients in their pursuit of innovation and excellence. Alithya prioritizes the achievement of business objectives on every project through the optimal use of digital technologies. Its clients mainly operate in the financial services, telecommunications, energy, transportation, health care and government services sectors. With more than 1,600 professionals across Canada, the United States and France, Alithya is an advocate for workforce diversity. As such, the firm is a member of the 30% Club, which encourages the participation of women in management roles, and is implementing immigrant-friendly recruiting initiatives.  To learn more, go to


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